Qi Gong

Qi-Gongicon tao - moon and sun

Qi-Gong is an ancient form of exercise that combines stretches, flowing movements, standing postures with deep breathing to enhance the flow of energy. The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qi-Gong clear tension from the muscles, reduce stress, and helps calm the mind.

Qi-Gong exercises teach you to move with relaxation. Practiced as a moving meditation Qi Gong helps to focus the mind and clear tension from the body. It is both energizing and relaxing and truly gets you into your body’s own flow.

To register for classes:
e-mail – diane@cloudhands.net
call or text – 610-306-2063

In the weekly Qi Gong class you will learn:   

~ Stretches to open areas that hold tension and stress
~ Flowing movements to stimulate the whole body
~ Deep Breathing exercises to increase vitality and energy levels
~ Exercises to tonify the internal organs (lungs, stomach, liver, spleen, heart)

Learn how these simple exercises help maintain health even into old age, regain a youthful vitality, and help speed recovery from illness.

Diane is a certified Qi Gong teacher. She has been practicing Tai-Chi and Qi Gong since 1999. As a teacher and reflexologist she hopes to assist her clients and students in overcoming physical ailments, reduce the stress in their lives and learn that you can age gracefully, full of energy, good health and vitality.

and let the Qi flow.