Consultations by
Eagle Skyfire

Eagle Skyfire is a shaman with the Caney Circle who is well versed in spiritual matters. Consultations or readings as they are also called are done in the traditional Native American way as they have been done for thousands of years.

“The Reading of Spirit”

No cards or candles are used, but rather a blessing is performed with a prayer fan. This blessing cleanses the person’s aura and “pierces the veil” between this world and the next allowing the shaman to listen specifically to your spirit guardians and to hers. According to Native American beliefs, the Great Spirit gives us all life lessons to learn, but how we express them is up to us. Individuals have power over their own lives and destiny. The consultations will focus on your Life Lessons, the different paths ahead of you, and the energy that surrounds you. With this knowledge, you can empower yourself and make your own best decisions.

“The Reading of Earth”

“The Reading of Earth” is a type of Medicine Wheel reading that focuses on an individual person, and/or situation. When you hold the sacred stones a blessing is then given, and your energy is imparted upon them as you gently let the stones fall upon the Medicine Wheel. Eagle Skyfire then interprets the patterns, and relationships of the stones, and their place upon the Medicine Wheel for you. This will give you insight into yourself, and indicate auspicious months for you in key areas of your life for the year to come. With this knowledge, you can empower yourself and make your own best decisions.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

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